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Pixelitis Interview with Omodaka

“Terada Soichi, better known as Omodaka, has certainly had his fair share of success composing 8-bit and chiptune music, in addition to being a traditional composer for convenience stores in Japan. This wacky chiptune artist combines his sounds using everything from a laptop and a DS Lite to an old school GameBoy, with his own spin on Japanese culture thrown in. Dressing up as a masked Miko has allowed him to venture into some offbeat territory, bringing some fans in like Danimal Cannon.”

Pixelitis Interview with Danimal Cannon

“So tell me more about the LSDJ Workshop (Today!) that you’re doing.

I’m actually fortunate enough to have a broad range of knowledge when it comes to making music so I’m able to pool a lot of ideas from a lot of different places, whether it comes from old NES tricks that composers would use or modern production values or just humanizing my stuff to make it sound more expressive. When I was starting to learn LSDJ, there were a couple tutorials that I watched online and it really really helped. One of them specifically said that, “you know, it’s good to share your ideas with people because then we all get better.” And it was something that I really took to heart and so when I released my album I actually included the save files so people could look up my data and look at how I made every single sound and they could open it up in the program and see how I did it. That idea that stuck with me because I had a lot of people come up to me after the shows and ask me “how did you make this sound and how did you make that sound?” And a lot of times I would literally bring over my GameBoy and show them, and be like “well I did this and I did that.” I know that the people who have helped me out and taught me something, they have a special place in my heart as influences and I feel like, people will remember me more if they learn something more as opposed to just hearing a cool tune. It gives the stuff that I do a lot more depth when people find out what I’m doing and how I’m doing it.”

Blip Festival: NY’s Geeked Out Music Fest

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Via Chip Music Chronicle’s Youtube Channel

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