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HOME/LAND STUDIES #2 by Nicolas Sassoon

Marshall McLuhan writes, “Obsolescence never meant the end of anything, it’s just the beginning.” Taking Blip Festival’s spirit of ‘obsolescence as the beginning’ into the realm of visual art, a nightly screening is presented by artists who are bringing new life to the technology and aesthetics of our recent past.

From animated GIFs to video collage, from memes to digital abstraction, the artists included in Blip Festival Gallery employ the wealth of creative technologies of networked culture. Includes work and premieres by: Sterling Crispin, Alexandra Gorczynski and Nicolas Sassoon.

Curated by Lindsay Howard

Sterling Crispin
Thursday, May 19 • 7:00PM – 1:30AM

Sterling Crispin was born in Maui, Hawaii and received a Bachelors Degree of Fine Art from the Rocky Mountain College of Art & Design in Denver Colorado. He is an artist in residence at RedLine, a member of the Computers Club Drawing Society and was the recipient of the 2008 Institute for Experimental Studies Innovation Grant. His artwork has been featured internationally on cable television as a part of Souvenirs from Earth in Germany and France, Iwantyou Magazine, 303 Magazine and Rhizome at The New Museum. Notable group exhibitions and performances include “ – IRL” 319 Scholes Gallery Brooklyn NY, “American Association of Museums Expo” Museum of Contemporary Art Denver, “Fall Video Mapping” Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art, “DrawRings 4” Rhinoceropolis, “Shows Promise” The Denver International Airport.

Alexandra Gorczynski
Friday, May 20 • 7:00PM – 1:30AM

Alexandra Gorczynski is a Los Angeles-based multimedia artist and blogger. Applying her fine-arts background to computer-based creations, her videos and imagery explore sexuality, nihilism, vanity, and femininity, often making reference to the act of making and the medium itself. In 2009 she founded Hologram City, a blog she curates of her personal fascinations. Her work and blog have been covered by Oyster Magazine, Dazed and Confused, VICE, PENDU Magazine, Under/Current, HUH. Magazine, and Print Liberation. She earned her degree in Painting from the Rhode Island School of Design.

Nicolas Sassoon
Saturday, May 21 • 7:00PM – 1:30AM

Nicolas Sassoon is a Vancouver-based artist and member of the online art collective Computers Club. Nicolas publishes a lot of his work online through the format of animated gifs and collaborates with architects, artists, electronic music producers and fashion designers. His work has been exhibited in various international venues and events such as the Miami Art Fair, the Tokyo Art Fair, Today Art Museum in Beijing, The Charles H.Scott Gallery in Vancouver, TINBOX Contemporary Art Gallery in Bordeaux, the Berlin Fashion Week, and MU Eindhoven. The work of Nicolas Sassoon revolves around the relationship between computer technology and the representations of landscape, architecture and modern living.
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