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June 9th, 2011
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i came to blip with the goal to provide a full and honest account of what it was like to experience it in person via video recording. nearly the entire event was recorded with over 11 hours of actual show content! all songs and sets are intact and in sequence, well-organized into playlists and can be watched with full continuity. i wanted to be aggressive in getting the material all online before it was stale and therefore all content was available on the channel a couple days after blip ended.

i recorded everything myself from the front of the stage with no special press privileges or crew with a simple camera. there are times when i get knocked down, kicked in the face, pushed, crushed, etc. it is all documented as part of the experience. apologies for the quality of filming at these moments, but it is truly what the experience would have been like in person as-well. Read the rest of this entry »

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My first chiptune show

June 2nd, 2011

I’d never been to a show like this before, so it was a bit intimidating walking in. I got there kinda late, during NNNNNNNNNN’s second to last song. His stuff was a blast to listen to – 8bit music sounds so different live.

I wandered around looking at stuff for a long time before settling into the crowd. I really liked the energy; everyone seemed happy and excited. The mood slowed down for a bit when Tristan Perich did his thing. I kind of went into a trance, it was a new kind of musical experimentation that I hadn’t heard of before.

4mat was pretty much the reason I came to Blip Festival. I wouldn’t have gone out of my way to come to NY if my favorite chip musician wasn’t there. When I heard his name announced I pushed my way forward a bit through the crowd and got my glowstick out. Once the music started I was completely energized. A guy with long blonde hair was headbanging next to me, and I joined in with him. That set seemed to go on for eternity, which was awesome.

I’d never raved before but this was as good an experience as any. I was completely tired after those 40-50 minutes… I guess I should build up my dancing stamina. Got 4mat’s autograph, stepped out of the place and almost fell asleep against a wall.

Blip Festival was fucking amazing, it’s definitely inspired me to go to more shows like it. Demoscene, here I come!

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