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A huge thanks to everyone that submitted videos to the BLIP YOUR OWN ADVENTURE FAN VIDEO CONTEST. Our grand prize winner is Rich Greco! He will be joining the fervent folks at Blip Festival and his video “Bright Lights” will screen with Reformat the Planet 1.5 on Saturday 12/18. Extra thanks for Plogue for donating prizes!
We asked Rich to tell us a little more about himself:
Isaac Asimov shares my birthday. He was born in Petrovichi, BSSR and I was born in Brooklyn, NY. I have a show on Brooklyn Community Access Television called AMOSTV. It started as a series of comedic free form short films, roughly fifteen minutes in length that were screened locally around Brooklyn in basements, backyards and at house parties. AMOSTV first aired at midnight on saturday April 2, 2005, and continues to run to this day.

I work/play as an art director/designer in Manhattan. My copy writing coworker Bryan Johnson and I have been performing 8bit/live drum music under the name HI HAT + LO REZ (hihatlorez.tumblr.com).

“Bright Lights” is almost an instructional video for a do-it-yourself Blip Fest. It strips Blip Fest down to the essentials of enthusiasm for the genre and immersion of the curious.

Pre-Blip Festival Events on 12/16: Handmade Chip Music & Blip Festival Open Mic

Can’t wait to experience The Blip Festival? Check out our official pre-Blip parties on Wednesday, December 16th !

Babycastles Arcade Kickoff Party feat. Handmade Chiptunes Night
Free, 6:00PM – 8:30P
Silent Barn, 915 Wyckoff Street (Brooklyn)

Babycastles teams up with Handmade Music Night for the inaugural opening of a permanent indie games arcade in Brooklyn.

This opening celebrates Adam Atomic’s Canabalt (NYC), Ivan Safrin’s Owl Country (NYC), Tristan Perich’s KillJet (NYC), and Kyle Purver’s Jottobots (NY), which will be playable all night and throughout December. Cardboard lectures by the game developers! High Score Chalkboard Dress by Lara Grant! Chiptunes performance and workshop by little-scale (AU)! Show up extra early for a secret chipmusic toy soldering workshop by the Loud Objects.

Attendees get a 10% discount on Blip Festival events and a group hug subway ride to the Tank afterwards!

Pre-Blip Open Mic / Meet & Greet
$5 or Free with Blip Festival Pass, 9:30PM – 12AM
The Tank, 354 45th Street (Manhattan)

Here’s the moment all you underdogs have been waiting for! BEHOLD! The official Pre-Blip Open Mic Extravaganza!

On Wednesday, December 16 2009 between the hours of 9:30pm to 12:00am chip musicians from all over the world will have 5 minutes to showcase their best material to an enormous bunch of chip fanatics and Blip Festival attendees!

Each performer will have a 5 minute time constraint (including set up time), so please make sure you are ready to plug in and play! Spots are already filled – but bring your gear JUST IN CASE someone isn’t there to perform. If you are not at The Tank when your name is called out for you to perform, you will lose your spot and it will be given to the next available performer. This will be a wonderful evening for people to showcase their material, and for everyone to meet each other and party together, so don’t miss out!

This is an all ages event, 21+ (with ID) to take advantage of the drink specials!

BlipTalk with Photographer Marjorie Becker

Most of the vibrant photos you see flashing across the front of blipfestival.org were taken by this year’s official Blip photographer and blogger, Marjorie Becker.  Since she will be enduring the entirety of Blip Festival with her camera in hand, we took a minute to get to know her.

Blip: Before you got into chip music, what type of music or art were you into?

At the time I was listening to a lot of Fiona Apple, Bjork and Nellie McKay. I really enjoy getting to know what other people listen to as well. There’s a lot of different sounds out there so I never get bored.  

Continue reading BlipTalk with Photographer Marjorie Becker

The Blip Festival Warmup-Workout Airs on WFMU's Sound and Safe with DJ Trent

On Monday December 14th from 8 – 11pm, WFMU’s DJ Trent gears up for this  coming weekend’s Blip Festival with a visit from some of the folks behind the massive 3-day explosion of old-style video game sounds.  Patric Catani, Peter Swimm, Je Deviens DJ En Trois Jour,  and C-Men exploit the deepest, brightest sights and sounds from the edges of the 8-bit live on Sound and Safe.
Make sure to tune into WFMU’s live webstream from the Blip Festival this Thursday, Friday, and Saturday at http://wfmu.org/blip.

Gaijin Vs. Robotube: Battle of the Brands at The Blip Festival

From the desk of Alex Neuse, CEO of Gaijin Games:


As we all know, Blip Festival 2009 is almost upon us, and I thought I’d take this opportunity to let everyone in on a little secret…

The handsome frontman from Robotube Games is going to be collaborating with the Gaijin crew on a little experimental Blip Festival inspired video game project.  Here are the rules:
1. Try to make a game in one day while at Blip Festival 2009
2. Drink lots of coffee
3. Release the end product to the public, even if we fail miserably
They are the only rules. You will live the results.
And for marketing purposes, we’re calling this fantastic event the BATTLE OF THE BRANDS!  Even though we’re collaborating, not battling.  And even though we may not even use our existing “brands”.  It just sounds so cool.  And you know what?  We can do whatever we want!  It’s our freakin’ deal, so shut up if you feel like it! We’ll each be updating our sites, blogs, twitters, facebookz, etc.  In the spirit of being indie, we’re flying this plane by the seat of our pants!
Wish us luck.
Love and kisses,