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Day 2

Day 2

Any fan of Pause Music should be familiar with Disasterpeace. Kind of an interesting choice for Blip given how incredibly intricate and progressive his music is. I wasn’t sure how well it would translate to a live setting. The answer is not badly at all but I couldn’t help feeling the empty drum kit on stage was a little sad. Obviously any artist is free to play their shows however they wish but if any act was open for a kind of live chip super band this was it. Logistically difficult but it would have been oh so awesome. Enso backed Disasterpeace up with some sweet, occasionally creepy graphics. Altogether a solid enjoyable performance.

I hadn’t heard much of Starscream before tonight so I was pretty excited to see them. There is quite a buzz about the duo (Gameboys and live drums) and the crowd obviously loved them. JYKs visuals had a hard edge to them, a corrupted, psychedelic vibe with glitchy space images. Another nice pairing.

I was really impressed with Outputs visuals with Day1’s AGM performance so I was looking forward to seeing her work with Fighter X and it matched the duo’s high energy tunes pretty well. Fast paced, blocky and colorful. Fighter X themselves are from what I guess you could call the newer school of Gameboy dance music although I think they had a keyboard (Korg Microx?) on stage as well. Very fast paced, lots of energy and pretty popular with the crowd.

Little-Scale/Rosa Menkman
This was the first act of the night I had really been looking forward to. Little-Scale has been incredibly prolific in terms of music and hardware throughout 2009 and and I was really curious to see what he would use on stage and what type of music he would go for. Hardware wise I think he was running a 2600, a Master System and a Megadrive and his music ranged from relaxed, abstract and mellow to distorted, rhythmic and aggressive. Probably most places in between too. The energy in the crowd was surprisingly aggressive, not hostile but very very physical, a little surprising. Rosa’s visuals again suited the music perfectly mixing what looked like monochrome, corrupted, scrolling data with collages of icons and occasional abstract shapes. In typical Little-Scale style, he made a render of his set (not the live recording) available on his site

I, Cactus/VBlank
I absolutely adore I, Cactus’s 8bp release it’s one of my all time favorite chip EPs but its very short and fairly old so I had no idea what to expect from his live show. In a word it was weird, very weird. His live rig was a laptop with an external monitor, I would guess he was using some kind of tracker but I’m not sure. He had fragmental samples of an astonishing range of musical genres and it all just about held together over inspired beats and occasional wonderful melodies. Without meaning to sound cliche, hard to decide to decide if the guy is a little crazy or an absolute genius.

Nullsleep/Rosa Menkman and Paris
During the last year I caught a couple of Nullsleep sets which featured some tunes I heard tonight. It was great to hear the songs up on a big system with room to dance. The set sounded huge and terrifying, really really good. Kind of hypnotic in a way. Rosa and Paris had I really rather groovy blend of distorted Nullsleep logos, creepy data skulls and almost strobe fast abstract graphics. Older favorite tunes were conspicuously absent but I personally prefer that, with each new phase of his development Nullsleep gets darker and more aggressive, my kind of thing. Bring it on!

Rainbowdragoneyes/The C-Men
“I don’t get it, a metal dude playing Eurobeat?”. I don’t know exactly what happened or why the transition occurred but after a few minutes, “OH! I get it! a metal dude playing Eurobeat” and totally got into the groove. RDE is catchy as hell, like super infectious, with a deadpan stage presence, an absolute riot to listen to. I actually wonder is he has some kind of audio disconnect in his brain where Eurobeat sounds like Slayer to him. Which ever way it works, inciting the crowd to form a huge circle pit during Eur Hawt was inspired. The whole performance was most enjoyable and consider me a convert.

Patric C/No Carrier
I can’t really lie, Patric C was a bit of a hero of mine when I was a teenager and I was a little star struck to meet him. He is an absolutely 100 percent solid dude, really pleasant, knowledgeable and funny. His body of work is so immense I didn’t really know what to expect in terms of a live show so I couldn’t have been more happy with the “Amiga Rave” set. Patric C has a delightfully engaging stage presence and No Carrier matched it well with a bright and faced paced visual backdrop. The combination of “Flex Busterman” and the Lenny D name drop made this one of my favorite acts of the festival and I really hope Patric performs this type of set more often.

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