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Blip Open Mic Report


more pics:

It’s about 7:52 am on, I think, Thursday the 17th of December, although I could be out by at least a couple of days either way. I woke up a few minutes ago feeling like I had been dry humped by an angry rhino in my sleep.

Last night was the pre-festival open mic event, held at the Tank. It was my first time to visit the venue and I would guess it was originally a small theater, now its a little run down. It’s about 5 minutes (bitterly cold) walk from Times Square and could comfortably seat about about 80 people. Last night it held at least 100 more, most of whom concentrated around the bar. Trying to mention all the names and faces would be kind of pointless but off the top of my head at the very least, Australia, Japan, France, Germany, Holland, England, the USA, Sweden and Canada were represented. A less sleep addled writer could probably double that list.

The night (I think organized by Facundo) was simple enough, artists who want to play put their names into a hat, got called up on stage at random and performed for about 5 minutes. Unfortunately the house mixer died about 6 seconds into the first artists set. Gameboy made up the lions share of the hardware but there were a couple of NES or PC users. High points were Paris/Nocarrier’s dancehall groove, 10,000 Free Men’s frenzied performance of “Bitchwhipped”, Note!’s synced DMG’s and Fenris’s wierd glitchy PSP tune. A special mention should go out to Ctrix’s absolutely epic house track which was probably by far the most well received tune of the evening. Pray this dude releases it and plays live more as soon as possible.

Open mic wound down around midnight and about 50 people wandered to a bar around the corner called “Ponys” or perhaps “the Pony”. The poor bartender wasn’t really prepared for the on rush of such a high concentration of serious drinkers but I don’t think we minded.

The night was kind of like a wedding, reunited with your whole family and making friends with a huge group of new people all at the same time. Trying to recount all the artists I met over the past couple of days would be fairly taxing on my over streched brain but suffice to say NY is currently a who’s who of International Chipmusic and everyone has been incredibly cool, in most cases farm more so than I could have predicted.

A few personal highlights so far. Meeting the Soundbytes crew from Australia, most of them for the first time. We are sharing a house (come studio come den of iniquity somewhere in Brooklyn) and I would like to thank everyone for inviting me to stay with them and being so friendly. Watching how absolutely ecstatic everyone, from top tier performers to casual fans, is to meet Hally. 10k inventing drinks, a low key performance in a very rundown basement by Little-Scale, a rather fun NL 2.3 jam with Little-Scale and lastly, Ctrix becoming a legend. Finally, I will say once again, everyone I have met is without exception, wonderful. To be honest, I could fly home this afternoon and feel absolutely happy.

Love you all and see you tonight for day 1!

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