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BlipTalk with Albino Ghost Monkey


Created in late 2006, Albino Ghost Monkey (a.k.a. Dise), frustrated with attempts to start band after band and nothing getting accomplished, decided to go at it on his own.  While experimenting with various instruments and styles, he stumbled upon the unique sound that is “chiptune” and instantly fell in love.  With a little research and some luck, he found the tool he was looking for to continue his musical endeavours. Nanoloop became A.G.M.’s sole weapon of choice. With his unique style and high energy live shows, Albino Ghost Monkey brings his powerpop assault to the glorious masses at this years Blip Festival.  Expect this small town Wisconsin boy to push nanoloop to the edge and back, so much your ears may bleed cheese.

Blip: Before you got into making chip music, what type of music or art where you into?

I was pretty heavy into the whole Mr. Bungle off shoots ( Dog Fashion Disco, Foxy Shazaam, TubRing, Polkadot Cadaver). I had a thing for bands that mashed genres together, goes well with someone that has ADD. That along with healthy doses of good old fashion punk rock (Descendents, NOFX, Dead Kennedys) kept me going.

Blip: How did you first become aware of the possibility of chip music?

Back in 2005 while searching for some new music…okay torrenting some new music, I came across a torrent that had a collection of releases from 8bitpeoples (which I had no clue at the time what that was) and something about it being called 8bit really intrigued me, especially since I was an avid “retro” gamer, so I downloaded, listened, and immediately was hooked. A little google research later I came across Nanoloop, it was like smoking that first cigarrette knowing that you’re goin to be addicted and I was and still am.

Blip: How does your background influence your current work?

I have to say that punk rock definitely is a big influence on my work, I love fast songs with a good melody and simple structure, it really transfers well to making songs on nanoloop.

Blip: Where do you see yourself in the greater chip community?

Honestly I really have not thought about that, me being out in the middle of nowhere Wisconsin and all, you don’t really think about the greater chip community. I guess if anything I would just like to be a promoter of nanoloop as sometimes I think it gets a little underrated as to what you can do with it ( it always bothered me when someone would call it a “toy”).

Blip: Who are you most excited to see at blip? Why?

I know this is goin to be a little cheesy (I’m from Wisconsin and cheese is what we do) but I’m gonna have to say Bit Shifter, I’ve always liked his style and structure on songs, plus his nanoloop work (which I’m a sucker for ) is downright freakin amazing. Another I’m really lookin forward to is JDDJ3J, once again I’m a sucker for a nanolooper and he is at least in my book, one of the best, its insane how heavy he can get nanoloop to sound ( I think one of the only artists that I would start a pit for). But really the whole line up is sick and could write for hours on how awesome everyone is……seriously the line up is friggin amazing!!!

Blip: Where do you see your progression as an artist heading? Deeper into chip music, or perhaps something different?

I always feel like I can do better than the last song I did and as long as I keep getting that feeling, I’ll keep trying. I really don’t think I’ll stray from nanoloop, I’ve tried alot of programs, I’ve played alot of instruments, but there’s something about nanoloop that just works for me, so expect plenty more nanoloop tracks!

Albino Ghost Monkey is playing Blip Festival on TBA

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