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BlipTalk with: Rainbowdragoneyes


The enigmatic Rainbowdragoneyes was nice enough to answer a few questions for the blog. We hope to provide more insight into the festival’s artists in the weeks leading up to the festival.


This dangerous, sinewy and hirsute 8-bit mega champion spends his days intoxicated, bathing in the blood of his enemies and forging molten steel blades of malevolence in the high unholy name of Sha’maoth. Since the year 200X, Eric W. Brown has been bringing countless nations through sheer force to their willing and grateful knees through the relentless and raw power of the DANCE DANCE DANCE.

Blip: Before you got into making chip music, what type of music or art where you into?

Metal. I play drums and I used to tour a lot with various bands, mostly really fast melodic Death Metal. Then for some reason out of nowhere I started producing Eurobeat. Hail satan.

Blip: How did you first become aware of the possibility of chip music?

Lord only knows but it probably had a lot to do with stumbling across Bit Shifter’s music one day, then getting in touch with him and him explaining to me what the hell an “LSDJ” was, which sent me headfirst into a completely new and different world. What a jerk.

Blip: How does your background influence your current work?

I like to party a lot. I hate a lot of things, especially boring music, so I try to always write stuff that makes my brain explode.

Blip: Where do you see yourself in the greater chip community?

I don’t really bring nearly as much to the table as a lot of these other guys do, but as long as people are into catchy music I’ll be the asshole getting drunk and providing it to them.

Blip: Who are you most excited to see at blip? Why?

Bit Shifter because his jams are fierce, and he got me started. Little-Scale because it is absolutely stupid how much that guy is capable of. Fighter X because their jams are fierce, and fast. Leeni because she is quite the looker. And all of the above because I’ve never seen any of them.

Blip: Where do you see your progression as an artist heading? Deeper into chip music, or perhaps something different?

I hate to say it but I used to be a lot more into the chip scene than I am now. Primarily my focus is the super hi-fi music Magic Hammer creates, and also my work as a producer, drummer, and background vocalist. However after the invitation to play Blip it rekindled the chip-flames (“chlames”) and encouraged me to find new direction for Rainbowdragoneyes rather than destroying it altogether. So we will see. We will see. Will see. See.

Hail Satan.

Rainbowdragoneyes is playing Blip Festival on TBA

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